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The Ares Warfare system revolves around user-to-user competition, offering distinct experiences between battles in specific areas and those on open fields. When confronted with the enemy faction's formidable catapults and their first opponent, users can showcase their skills and stand firm on their side.



Players must be equal to or above level 30.

Players must pay the 100,000 Segal/Daric entry cost.

Warfare Times

LevelTime (UTC)Time (PDT)
  • Wednesday 1:00 AM
  • Saturday 1:00 AM
  • Sunday 6:00 PM
  • Wednesday 6:00 PM
  • Saturday 6:00 PM
  • Sunday 11:00 AM


Participate in Warfare

Warfare teleporters will manifest in each Sacred Land 10 minutes prior to the commencement of hostilities. Should you wish to join the conflict, simply approach the teleporter corresponding to your nation. You will then be swiftly transported to your nation's designated position on the battlefield, where you will wait until the battle commences. In the event of disconnection, participants will have a maximum of 2 minutes to reconnect. Failure to do so within this time frame will necessitate re-joining the war from the beginning.

You have the option to participate in the war as a combatant, observe the conflict, or check the current status of the war.

Once you've joined the battle, you'll receive two items: the Warfare Warp Order and the Warfare Returning Order. The Warfare Warp Order allows you to teleport back to your Guardian, while the Warfare Returning Order enables you to return directly to your camp. These items are limited in quantity and cannot be acquired during the war.


Limited number of participants:      
To ensure a fair balance of power during the war, the number of participants on each side must not exceed a difference of 6.

Religious Alliance War Teleporter

Holy Empire War Teleporter


Guardian Selection

Guardians are chosen individuals from both factions tasked with leading their respective nations during the war. They wield enhanced attack and defence capabilities and can call for reinforcements to bolster their side's efforts on the battlefield.

The selection of Guardians occurs between 15-10 minutes before the war's commencement. One player is chosen from each nation based on their level, with the highest-level participant being granted the role of Guardian. Once selected, Guardians can be identified by their suffix, either (Alliance Guardian) or (Empire Guardian).

Religious Alliance Guardian

Holy Empire Guardian


If a Guardian is defeated, the selection process will be paused for 5 minutes. After this period, a new Guardian will be chosen based on the same criteria as before.

Guardian Abilities

Guardians come with special abilities as well as increased stats.

Guardian Stats

All stat increases are additive on top of the players current. The exception are Attack Speed, Casting Speed and Movement Speed, which will only max out at 4 at any one time.

  • +1000 HP
  • +1000 MP
  • +100 AC
  • +30 Resistance to all elements
  • +1000 PAT
  • +1000 MAT
  • Attack Speed +4
  • Casting Speed +4
  • Movement Speed +4

Guardian Special Abilities

Guardians are equipped with two orbs: the Guardian Orb (Seal) and the Guardian Orb. The Guardian Orb (Seal) is used to create a Guardian Orb, which, in turn, can summon reinforcement monsters to aid in battle against the enemy nation. These summoned monsters will gradually lose health over time until they perish. The Guardian must use a Guardian Orb every 5 minutes to maintain their vitality; failure to do so will result in the Guardian's demise.

To activate the Guardian Orb, the Guardian must be within the opposing nation's base. Once activated, the death timer will reset back to 5 minutes.

Religious Alliance Guardian

Holy Empire Guardian


Guardians have the unique ability to prevent any damage to their monuments while they are alive. However, if a Guardian falls in battle, a 5-minute window opens during which the opposing nation can directly assault the monuments, thereby increasing their score. This highlights the importance of not only protecting your nation's Guardian but also targeting and eliminating the opposing nation's Guardian to secure victory for your side.



Scoring in Nation Warfare is based on two interconnected systems: War Points and Score Points.

War Points are earned by eliminating players from the opposing nation, destroying monuments, and defeating the Guardian. These points can be used to purchase exclusive war items as a reward for your contributions. Excluding points awarded for victory conditions, such as winning or losing, a total of 100 points can be accumulated during the war.

Players are also rewarded for their performance in battle. If a player manages to achieve a kill streak of three without dying, each subsequent kill is awarded with 3 War Points until the player is defeated. After this, the streak resets, and the player must achieve another 3-kill streak to earn the bonus points again.

ActionWar points
Winning Warfare130
Losing Warfare30
Killing the Guardian10
Destroying a Monument8
Killing 3 opposing nation players without dying3
Killing the opposing nation players1



Score Points operate similarly to War Points but directly contribute to your nation's victory or defeat. They represent the total accumulation of your nation's efforts in the war. Additionally, if a player achieves a kill streak of more than three without dying, their score is multiplied by 3x, depending on the action performed.

ActionScore point(s)
Killing an opposing nation Guardian300
Killing an opposing nation player of the same level 50
Killing an opposing nation player and the difference between levels is less than 1020
Killing an opposing nation player and the difference between levels is less than 2010
Killing an opposing nation player and the difference between levels is more than 201
If a Guardian is attacking the monuments1 for every hit
Auto dying as the Guardian-200


Players can also earn medals by performing achievements in the war.

Killing an opposing nation player1
Destroying an opposing nation catapult3
Destroying an opposing nation monument10


Fury Buff

If a nation loses two monuments at any given time during the war, a rage buff will be applied to the entire nation. This buff increases their physical and magical attack by a factor of x1.5.


Victory Conditions

Wars last precisely 30 minutes. The nation with the most points at the end of the war, or the nation that destroys all three of the opposing monuments, will emerge victorious. Points can be earned by defeating participants from the opposing nations or by destroying monuments.



War points can be used to buy exclusive rewards for your war efforts. Visit the War points merchant in Etana to spend your earnings.


Medals can also be used to buy rewards for you efforts. These can only be spent within the warfare zone at either nations Executive.

Religious Alliance

Holy Empire

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