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Dear Ares Community,

We are thrilled to announce that the Alpha test phase for Ares is finally here, starting on May 2nd PST! Alpha game launches mark significant milestones, offering players like you a first look at the game's potential while providing us, the developers, with valuable feedback for further refinement. It's important to note that encountering bugs during this phase is expected. We encourage you to report any issues you encounter so that we can improve the game not just for you, but for the entire community.

Your patience and support have been invaluable as we've worked on this. Let's make this Alpha the best version of Legend of Ares yet!


How to join Alpha

Please ensure you have followed our sign up procedure, which can be viewed here: Alpha Sign Ups



How long will the Alpha test phase last?

The Alpha test phase will be held for 2 weeks, from 2nd May 6PM PST until the 16th of May 6PM PST.


Will there be a wipe after the Alpha test phase?

Yes, all player progression after the Alpha phase will wiped clean in preparation for the official open beta launch.


Will there be a wipe during open beta?

No, the only time a wipe will occur is after Alpha.


How do I download the game?

Download is available here.


Will there be more discord channels for bug reports and discussions?

Yes, new discord channels are now open for you to use. This includes:

  • alpha-bug-report
  • alpha-feedback
  • guild-recruitment
  • class-discussion
  • marketplace
  • content-ideas
  • media


Will there be any scheduled maintenance? 

No, however the server will go down periodically for updates that are required.


When will the official open beta launch?

This is currently to be decided, the amount of time is dependent on the amount of work that we need to do after bugs have been reported. We will strive to keep you in the loop as we tackle any and all problems that arise.


If I encounter a bug, how do I report it?

Please use our discord channel #alpha-bug-report. Please be as specific as possible and include as much information as you can. This will help speed up the fixing process.


If I have game or account issues, where can I go to talk with Reforgix staff?

Please use our discord channel #technical-support and an Reforgix representative will assist you.


What kind of computer specifications do I need to play?

Specifications can be found on our website in the Download section.


What game content will be available during the Alpha test phase?

All content will be available to test, including territory wars and nation warfare. An exception of a few high level zones such as Gardion's high level monsters, Hero's Territory, Hershal Cave and Siros Basement floors 3, 4 and 5 will not be included in this test.


Will plus shop items be free during the Alpha test phase?

Yes, all plus shop items will be free of charge. To use these items please speak with Salis - Event Coordinator who can be seen marked by an E symbol in Etana.


How do I receive level jump equipment?

Players will be able to level up their characters to level thresholds to then jump levels to experience different content and equipment. Thresholds are:

  • Jump to level 30 from level 15.
  • Jump to level 55 from level 35.
  • Jump to level 73 from level 60.
  • Jump to level 100 from level 75.


Each level jump can acquire its own set of gear for your nation and class to use.






To get started, click on Alpha Levels and Equipment.











Select either Level Jump or Alpha Equipment. Level Jump will level your character up and Alpha equipment will give you the respective equipment for that level. 

Note: To level up, the player must be at the minimum level first.








Select which jump to perform. After selecting the character will level up automatically.









After the player has levelled up, choose the respective equipment option for the level.





Best Screenshot Event

Join us for our first event, partnering with our Alpha test phase, where we're on the hunt for the best screenshot! Whether you prefer a memorable group shot with friends or a daring pose with your foes, this event is for you. We invite everyone to participate and make this event a memorable one!


  • All screenshots must be taken with the UI turned off. To do this press "scroll lock".
  • All screenshots must not include text speech from players.
  • All screenshots must include only Reforgix "Legend of Ares" content.
  • Players can only submit one screenshot for the event. Screenshots should be posted on discord in #alpha-screenshot-event and include a caption. This channel will be available once Alpha starts.
  • Use of program enhancements such as Photoshop are allowed. However, editing should be kept to a minimum and not over done.
  • Images need to be 1024x768. There are free image resizers online such as imageresizer 


Disclaimer: All screenshots submitted can be used unconditionally by Reforgix. The submitter forfeits any terms and rights on the digital content and its use.



Criteria that we are looking for and what we will be judging on.


Creativity: Screenshots that showcase creative use of game mechanics, environments, or characters.

Visual Appeal: Images that are visually striking, with beautiful landscapes, impressive characters, or stunning visual effects.

Composition: Well-composed screenshots with good use of framing, lighting, and focus, creating a visually appealing image.

Uniqueness: Screenshots that capture unique or rare moments in the game, showcasing something unusual or unexpected.

Community Engagement: Screenshots that involve or represent the community in a meaningful way, such as group events or player interactions.

Technical Quality: Screenshots that demonstrate technical prowess, such as high resolution, detailed textures, or impressive graphical fidelity.


Winner's Reward

Only one submission can be crowned "Best Screenshot". The best screenshot will be used as a permanent loading screen in-game.


Best Regards,

The Legend of Ares Team

Reforgix Staff
Apr 12, 2024
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