Announcing the Legend of Ares Beta Phase!
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Greetings, Warriors of Ares!

The time has come to take the next exciting step in our journey. We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Legend of Ares Beta Phase! After a successful Alpha testing period filled with invaluable feedback and amazing support from our dedicated community, we are ready to welcome even more players to explore, battle, and shape the world of Ares.

Beta Start Date: 6PM PDT July 11 2024
Beta End Date: 6PM PDT July 25 2024
Official Launch Date: 10AM PDT August 3 2024


What's New in the Beta?

  1. Enhanced Quests: Experience refined and new quests.
  2. Improved Mechanics: Enjoy smoother gameplay with our many updated systems.
  3. Community Feedback: See your feedback in action with numerous quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes.


How to Participate:

  1. Sign Up: Visit our official website to register for an account. Beta is open to everyone!
  2. Download the Game: Once registered, you can download the game and log in to start playing.
  3. Join the Community: Engage with fellow testers and developers on our Discord server. Share your experiences, report bugs, and help us create the best version of Legend of Ares.


Rewards for Beta Testers:

As a token of our appreciation, all Beta participants who meet the criteria will receive exclusive in-game rewards that will be provided at the games full release, including skins and items.

To be eligible for these rewards, one character from a players account must reach level 60. Accounts who meet this criteria will be automatically marked as eligible.   

Full list of rewards:   



Azure Cosmetic Equipment
  • 1x Azure Hat (Cosmetic only)
  • 1x Azure Armor (Cosmetic only)
  • 1x Azure Shoes (Cosmetic only)


These items are not tradeable.



Azure Accessories
  • 1x Azure Ring (+1 all stats)
  • 1x Azure Necklace (+1 all stats)
  • 1x Azure Bracelet (+1 all stats)
  • 1x Azure Earrings (+1 all stats)
  • 1x Azure Belt (+1 all stats)
  • 1x Azure Medal (+20 attack success rate)
  • 1x Azure Certificate (Increases AC by +5 and all resistances by +3)


These items will expire after 30 days upon opening

These items are not tradeable.

Azure Shop Title/Frame Skin
  • 1x Azure Shop Vendor Title and Frame (Cosmetic only)


This item is not tradeable.

*Note. This item is not yet ready for viewing.

Azure Blue Horse Spirit Companion
  • 1x Azure Blue Horse Spirit Companion (Cosmetic only)


This item is not tradeable.

Phoenix Feather Scroll
  • 1x Phoenix Feather Scroll


During blessing of items, this item stops the destruction of a single non-unique items when blessing fails.

This item is not tradeable.

Consumables Pack
  • 100x Platinum Potions (Restores health points by +300)
  • 100x Chamomile Potion (Special)(Restores mana points by +350)
  • 50x Red Quick Potion (Increases attack speed by +1 for 10 minutes)
  • 50x White Quick Potion (Increases movement speed by +2 for 10 minutes)


These items are tradeable.


Stay Connected:

Follow us on our social media channels and join our Discord community for the latest updates, events, and sneak peeks. Your journey in Ares is just beginning, and we can't wait to share this adventure with you.

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm. Together, we'll make Legend of Ares an epic experience for all.

Prepare for battle, and we'll see you in the world of Ares!


Best regards,

The Legend of Ares Team



How long will the Beta test phase last?

The Beta test phase will be held for 2 weeks, from 6PM PDT July 11 2024 until the 6PM PDT July 25 2024.


Will there be a wipe after the Beta test phase?

Yes, all player progression after the Beta phase will wiped clean in preparation for the official launch.


Will there be a wipe during Official Launch?

No, the only time a wipe will occur is after Beta.


How do I download the game?

Download is available here.


Will there be any scheduled maintenance? 

No, however the server will go down periodically for updates that are required.


When will the official launch happen?

Official launch will begin on 10AM PDT August 3 2024.


If I encounter a bug, how do I report it?

Please use our discord channel #beta-bug-report. Please be as specific as possible and include as much information as you can. This will help speed up the fixing process.


If I have game or account issues, where can I go to talk with Reforgix staff?

Please use our discord channel #technical-support and an Reforgix representative will assist you.


What kind of computer specifications do I need to play?

Specifications can be found on our website in the Download section.


What game content will be available during the Beta test phase?

All content will be available to test, including territory wars and nation warfare. An exception of a few high level zones such as Gardion's high level monsters, Hero's Territory, Hershal Cave and Siros Basement floors 4 and 5 will not be included in this test.


When will I receive my beta rewards?

Beta rewards will be available to be received on the first day of launch. Accounts that do not create a character, will not be able to receive their rewards as a character is needed.


I'm using a different account compared to when I played in Beta, can I get the rewards I earnt?

No, players must use the same account they used in the Beta phase to receive the rewards.


I played Alpha, do I need to redownload the game for Beta?

No, do not need to redownload. For official release, this is currently undecided.


Will there be level skipping like in Alpha?

No, we want Beta to be played how it would be during Official Launch. The exception is the free use of plus shop as purchases are not available yet.


Will plus shop items be free during the Beta test phase?

Yes, all plus shop items will be free of charge. To use these items please speak with Salis - Event Coordinator who can be seen marked by an E symbol in Etana.


Reforgix Staff
Jun 18, 2024
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