First Fireside Chat - Audio Recording

On December 15th, we hosted our very first Fireside Chat, and the warmth of the conversation was truly unforgettable. For those who couldn't make it, we've got you covered! We're excited to share a recap of the highlights and, drumroll, the release of the audio recording.

What's a Fireside Chat?

Our Fireside Chats are an opportunity for us to connect with you on a more personal level. Picture a cozy virtual gathering, where we discuss everything from recent updates to future plans. It's a chance for you to hear directly from the team and ask those burning questions you've been saving up.

Key Takeaways from December 15th

Auras - There's a brand new slot next to where your belt goes! It was added in Korea Ares and we opted to include it in our version as well. This item adds a cool glowing animation to your character and in our version will NOT provide any stats. It is purely a cool cosmetic.

Plus Shop Pricing - Not fully "Locked In" quite yet - but we have our overall goals and some examples for you. Premium and day-to-day buffs will be made more affordable, while the Luxury, Cosmetic, and 1-Off items will be made more expensive. Examples: Premium targetting $8/month, Stat boost books targetting $0.03/each, "All" Guild calls targetting $0.025/each, and Nainas (4ms buff - luxury) targetting $0.20/each.

Questing - There will be most likely not be new quests at release, but the existing quests are becoming much more worth doing! We have the tooling and ability to add new quests. Our goal for questing as a whole: Quests are NOT required, but the rewards make them heavily worth doing!

Class Balancing - No significant changes to class balancing, but we are making minor changes that improve QOL. For example, every class should want to use their final skill. Another example, Self target AOE's won't require you to spam right click - you can just hold it down.

Can't Believe You Missed It? No Worries!

Life gets busy, and we understand that not everyone could join us live. That's why we're thrilled to share the complete audio recording of the Fireside Chat. Whether you're commuting, working out, or just relaxing at home, you can catch up on all the action at your own pace.

Save the Date for the Next One!

Missed out this time? Don't worry, we're planning more Fireside Chats in the future. Keep an eye on our Discord or subscribe to our updates (right hand side of this page). We can't wait to connect with you again!

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our first Fireside Chat. Your enthusiasm and support make our community vibrant and inspiring. Here's to many more meaningful conversations in the future!   

The Ares Team

Reforgix Staff
Dec 30, 2023
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