Ares: Nurturing the Legacy, Crafting the Future

Greetings, fearless adventurers of Ares! Today, we're thrilled to share our unwavering commitment to the game's core values and our vision for the future. As we embark on this epic journey, your enthusiasm, feedback, and dedication are the catalysts propelling Ares toward greatness.

Rediscovering the Essence: A Return to 2008

Our first and foremost goal is to make Ares "feel" like the original 2008 version—the genesis of this incredible world. We recognize the magic that captured your hearts in those early days, and our mission is to preserve and enhance that experience. Expect updates that stay true to the game's roots, embracing the original vision while weaving in fresh elements that enrich your adventures.

Empowering the Community: Your Voice, Our Guiding Light

Ares is not just a game; it's a collective journey we undertake with you, our esteemed community. We pledge to engage with you constantly, seeking your input and insights to shape the very fabric of Ares. From quest ideas to feature requests, your contributions will be the driving force behind our updates. Together, we'll forge a dynamic world that reflects the diverse desires of our player base.

Anticheat: Upholding the Sanctity of Ares

Ensuring a secure and fair gaming environment is non-negotiable. Anticheat measures are our top priority, as we strive to maintain the safest version of Ares. Your commitment to the game deserves a level playing field, free from malicious interference. Rest assured, we're dedicated to creating an environment where your victories are earned through skill and strategy, not unfair advantages.

Welcoming New Warriors: Growing the Ares Family

Ares is a world waiting to be discovered, and we aim to introduce more warriors to its wonders. Our goal is to grow the player base, welcoming new faces into the fold and showing them the greatness that Ares embodies. Spread the word, share your tales of adventure, and let's build a thriving community that stands the test of time.

Balancing Financials: Reducing Pay to Win, Exploring New Avenues

We hear your concerns about pay-to-win aspects, and we're committed to addressing them. Our focus is on creating a balanced and enjoyable experience for all players. While reducing pay-to-win elements, we're exploring additional revenue streams that ensure Ares remains profitable and can evolve over the years. Your support is crucial in shaping a sustainable future for the game you love.

Join Us on this Epic Quest

As we chart this course for Ares, we invite you to join us on this epic quest. Your passion, ideas, and dedication fuel the fire that propels Ares into the future. Let's honor the legacy of 2008 while crafting a new chapter—one where the community's voice echoes through the realms, shaping the destiny of Ares for generations to come.


Stay tuned for updates, engage with us on our forums and social media platforms, and let your spirit be a beacon in the unfolding saga of Ares. Together, we'll forge a legacy that withstands the sands of time. May your adventures be legendary, and may Ares forever be a realm of magic, camaraderie, and epic tales!


The Ares Team

[GM] Cole
Dec 11, 2023
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